Forest Grove Cemetery Project

The cemetery now known as Forest Grove was established as a cemetery in 1854. It was deeded from the City of Lexington to the “trustees for the colored people of Lexington, Missouri” on October 28, 1890. Many of those first buried at Forest Grove were born into slavery there, but as free people the scope of their labors has mirrored the times. Military veterans of domestic and foreign engagements are laid to rest among the coal miners, horsemen, smiths, farm hands, civic leaders, merchants, musicians, morticians, athletes, carpenters, cooks, domestics, barbers, educators and construction workers who made their homes in this historic river town.

The cemetery has fallen into disrepair over the last fifty or so years—overgrown with brush, headstones knocked down by vandals, a fence in desperate need of replacement….but good people around the city and beyond are acting to spruce things up at Forest Grove so it can again shine as part of our historic narrative.

Contact Information

6231 Blue Ridge Blvd

Raytown, MO 64133

Phone: 816-916-4416


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Natural Area

Historic Cemetery