Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery

Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery reflects the fort’s changing role in our nation’s history.

Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery, established in 1862 on the grounds of the Fort Leavenworth Military Reservation, is one of the oldest national cemeteries. The cemetery retains many of its historic features including portions of the stone perimeter wall dating to 1869, the superintendent’s lodge from 1905, and several private markers to great military leaders such as Brigadier General Henry Leavenworth—the fort’s namesake—and Colonel Edward Hatch.

While visiting, please be mindful that our national cemeteries are hallowed ground. Be respectful to all of our nation’s fallen soldiers and their families.

This cemetery is on a U.S. Army base. You will need to show an approved form of ID to enter the gate at the fort. Find information here.

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395 Biddle Boulevard

Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027

Phone: 913-758-4105


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National Register of Historic Places

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