Kansas Riverkings Museum

The museum tells the stories of the Kansas Riverkings who lived and survived off the Kaw River. These men were great river adventurers caring for themselves and community.

The story of the Kansas Riverkings is an unfinished story. The museum continues to search for information on those who came between 1860-1890, particularly those who may have been in the area prior to free statehood was established.

Current research involves the search for additional river artifacts. The museum's team spends time on a monthly basis scouring the river bank and tributaries nearby for remnants of the past. Contact the curator if you would like to participate in an outing. It's a great community project activity.

The Kansas Riverkings Museum is dedicated to bringing river history and special programs to young people. The story is one that is most likely unknown to many youths and is an important piece of understanding how and why Lawrence, Kansas, developed alongside the Kansas River, how it was once used, and how it's used today.

A film about the Kansas Riverkings, When Kings Reigned, was shot on location in 2017 and released in May of that year. It tells the story of the earliest Kansas Riverkings and all they had to endure just to stay alive!

You can also find a Kansas Riverkings exhibit at Highland Community College campus in Perry, Kansas.

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