Leavenworth County Historical Society & Carroll Mansion Museum

Soon after the Kansas-Nebraska Act was signed in 1854, Leavenworth became the first city of Kansas. Once Leavenworth County was organized a year later and Leavenworth was awarded the county seat, it became known as the great jumping off place for western travelers. The rapidly growing town represented hope and promise to many pioneers and, in many ways, characterized the people who would eventually explore and settle in the West. Few had a realistic idea of the trials that the Great Plains presented. Nevertheless, Leavenworth, the budding river city, was everything that beckoned them to an unknown future.

The Leavenworth County Historical Society was formed during the Leavenworth Centennial Celebration year, 1954. Miss Ella Carroll was a charter member of the society and she graciously donated her Victorian home for a museum in 1964. The site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is the oldest continuously operating museum in Leavenworth County.

Once the home of four prominent families, the Carroll Mansion features elaborately hand carved woodwork throughout the house, beautiful stained glass windows, and elegant antiques from the Victorian Era and early 20th century. It is within these walls that the rich history and heritage of Leavenworth County is collected, preserved, and shared. The museum attracts visitors year-round from all over the world and offers an immersive experience into Victorian Era Leavenworth while educating the public on over 150 years of local history.  In addition to providing tours, the LCHS offers assistance with local and family research in Leavenworth County. One incredible resource for the museum is the Everhard Glass Plate Negative collection. In 1997, the Society purchased nearly 30,000 glass plate negatives depicting a century of Leavenworth history captured in portraits and moments of everyday life. Since most of the collection is identified by name, researchers of Leavenworth or personal family histories may discover previously unknown portraits.

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