Old Quindaro Museum

The Old Quindaro Museum contains the history of Quindaro. The home was constructed by students of Western University. Mr. Anthony Hope is the current president of the Old Quindaro Museum. The goal of the museum is to honor slaves, and families who escaped slavery, and settled in Quindaro. The Museum gives a pictorial history of early African American families who lived in Quindaro. The museum is located inside of a home that was built in 1915. Hope shared that the home may have been the first home in Quindaro that had hot and cold water, along with electricity. In the future, Mr. Hope has a vision to secure funds in order to modernize, remodel, or build a 21st century museum. Some of the businesses that “Old Quindaro Museum” has collaborated with include, Quindaro Underground Railroad Museum, Wyandotte County Historical Society, Kansas City, Kansas City, Kansas Community College, and the Freedom Frontiers Heritage Organization.